Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Triple Threat Of Aphrodite IX

Welcome back to an awesome new adventure with Comic Unknown!!

  Having just a over a month up and running, we have seen great comics, characters and creators come in and out of Comic Unknown. With some steam in this epic train, we have managed to get a glimpse into one of the most notable indie publishing companies, TOP COW! With Top Cow recently releasing a new Aphrodite IX on Free Comic Book Day, I have gotten the chance to review issues One, Two, and Three! 

 Just to have an idea of who she is, Aphrodite is assassin that is both cybernetically and genetically enhanced, but whose memory is purged after every hit to protect herself and her masters. So to keep this short and sweet, shes kicking ass and taking names in this new series. 

Now for the fun part. This not a single, not a double, BUT a triple review of Aphrodite IX!

 Issue one shows us a distant future where humanity is nearly extinct and where humans are divided into two factions, one with cybernetic enhancements and the other genetically altered. There centuries long war has brought lots of bloodshed between the two factions. During this war, Aphrodite has been accidentally awakened from stasis by a genetically altered human named Marcus and is quickly confronted by three "Cybers" in which Aphrodite doesn't even give them a fighting chance. Without spoiling anything else, Aphrodite IX issue one is action packed, beautifully illustrated, and brilliantly written, Sejic and Hawkins are a force to be reckoned with. The dialogue between characters are so realistic, the combination of that and the illustration makes you forget your reading a comic book  This is a must read for any person looking for an awesome sci-fi series, let alone any reader looking for a kick-ass story.

Issue Two

 After waking up into a new world, we find out that Aphrodite has a few more tricks up her sleeve besides being an epic coordinated assassin in the second issue. She has the ability to modify her physical appearance (loosely shown in issue one) and the ability to secrete artificial pheromones which cause anyone effected to become attracted to her to a point that they will not attack. Issue two focuses into recovering the body of what once was Marcus's drake named Glamrung and capturing the second in command to Executor Chronos. Even with this victorious accomplishment, Aphrodite has been "slaved" once again and is under control by her handler, Burch. During this time, Burch has twenty minutes to control Aphrodite and than shortly erasing her memories causing her to not know what is going on. The dynamic duo known as Sejic and Hawkins has once again put forward amazing illustrations with such a great narrative  that anyone can forget that they're reading a comic book instead of watching a film. The story is in a perfect pace where you would keep reading until you sadly noticed the issue is done. In a shocking ending, issue two is left in a cliffhanger (like the previous) and keeps the reader asking for more. Aphrodite IX issue two has the perfect balance of dialogue and action scenes that would keep anyone's eyes glued to the pages.

Last but certainly not least, issue three!!

The issue starts off with Marcus and Aphrodite chasing the escaped prisoner with the Gens's mythical/majestic creatures as transportation. While still capable of being under Burch's control, Aphrodite begins to fight the influence she's under. She begins to question herself and becomes confused of who she is and what is happening to her when she blacks out for those twenty minutes. You soon find out that Chronos will stop at nothing to annihilate the Gens. With many surprises in store throughout the issue, one thing never changes, and that's that Aphrodite is a hell of an assassin. If she is targeting you, prepare to say goodbye. The series only gets better and better after each issue. With great tragedy comes amazing writing, and boy did issue three have it's share of bloodshed. Having a beautifully unique art style can only strengthen the series, each panel looks like a painting of the epic tale. I tip my hat to the creation team of Aphrodite IX for creating yet another great issue. This is definitely a series worth reading and having in your collection. Issue Three was released today July 17, 2013 so make sure to grab your copy NOW!

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