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My name is Jorge and in my own way, I make sure that Indie publishers have a chance to shine and sometimes outshine. I am the creator, reviewer and editor of Comic Unknown. There are indie creators that have put work out there that is comparable or even better than some work the main publishers put out. My job at Comic Unknown is to "Scavenge" any "Cosmic Freakouts" and show the world comics about  Bigfoot, a Bedbug superhero, and much much more. This goal is achieved by having direct contact with creators and being able to show the audience the hidden gems in the indie comic world. Long story short, we love indie comics!

My name is Aidan, I like to give those "unknown comics" a chance because I'm a fan of the hole in the wall expression: small, and unheard of, but show potential. With this blog, my friend and I review and can shed some light on the comics that you never heard of. And hopefully you'll read and share these stories people put their blood and sweat into. This blog is informative, has reviews, and we even get the chance to interview the creators! It's here to show that sometimes, the little guys can hand out a nice can of whoop-ass.

My name is Steven, and I am a comic reviewer for Comic Unknown. I believe an attempt is glorious. That these artists and writers took on the enterprise of creation is merit enough to warrant attention. They have lain their bare backs to scrutiny’s axe, and can only be made better for it. Each publication stakes itself against its audience, and I hope that my reviews will help these comics find their readers. Though you may not know their names, or what to expect from them, I urge you to proceed with openness and eagerness to meet their publications. 

So sit back and enjoy


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