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History Of Banana Man

Welcome back to another great installment of COMIC UNKNOWN!

Here is a bit of history of Banana Man that can be found in Issue 8 of Banana Man, The Final Issue!!

Andre Andre is a high school nutrition teacher in Taylor Tuckey, Michigan. He had become disillusioned at his job as students attention spans were becoming shorter. He sewed a costume of his own creation to become Banana Man. He then held a school assembly in the gymnasium where he preached the importance of potassium in the students’ diet. His speech was interrupted by a mysterious figure who was dressed in an ape outfit that had his own message about a bleak future where the Earth was overtaken by talking apes. This figure came to be known as Gorilla Guy.

 Banana Man smacked Gorilla Guy with a banana which did not turn out to be an effective attack as Gorilla Guy responded with a punch that knocked him down. Banana Man then went and created a concrete banana and sewed a banana peel around it. Gorilla Guy thought this was simply a regular banana until Banana Man knocked him out with it. The students at the assembly had thought Banana Man was pretty strange, but after hearing what Gorilla Guy had to say they came to appreciate Banana Man. Gorilla Guy was able to slip away as Banana Man was basking in his glory.

 Andre became obsessed with figuring out who Gorilla Guy was, but could not come up with a way to find him. He decided to attend a comic book convention where Linda Harrison, one of the stars of the original Planet of the Apes movie, was scheduled to appear. This turned out to work against Andre as the convention had lots of people dressed in gorilla costumes. Gorilla Guy did eventually reveal himself when he found out that Linda Harrison could talk. This enraged him because in the movie she was mute. Banana Man had created more weapons including nan-chucks and a bananarang, but he was topped by Gorilla Guy who had created a banana blade.

 Banana Man was stuck paying for toys that were damaged in the battle. He did however find a raffle ticket that Gorilla Guy had dropped that was for his school raffle from which he deduced that Gorilla Guy must work at his school. While playing with his newly acquired convention toys, Andre was interrupted by Kelly, a fellow teacher, with whom he was supposed to meet to go over her lesson plans. Andre was very disappointed that because of his distractions with Gorilla Guy he had missed an opportunity to hang out with the hottest teacher in the school.

 Andre then started looking around the school to find Gorilla Guy’s identity. After eliminating several teachers and the janitor, Andre was visited by a student, Alvin, who was offering to sell raffle tickets. Alvin informed Andre that he had been selling tickets in packs of five, so Andre offered to eliminate a detention he had given Alvin in exchange for Alvin rigging the raffle. Alvin would call off one of the tickets that was one number up from the ticket that Andre had found at the comic convention that was dropped by Gorilla Guy. During halftime of the school football game, Alvin called off the winning number where the winner would receive a George Foreman refrigerator.

 The ticket belonged to Mr. Frank, the school science teacher. Banana man tackled Frank from behind, and accused him of being Gorilla Guy. Frank denied this, but Banana Man did not believe him until Gorilla Guy showed up behind him. Banana Man and Gorilla Guy had a brawl that encompassed the entire football field where Banana Man was finally victorious. Gorilla Guy was revealed to be Alvin who received another detention. Andre then started to notice a smell in his classroom where he discovered that someone had urinated.

 Andre discussed this with the principal, Mr. John, who informed him that this had happened numerous times during the previous week. John decided to give Andre a chance to prove himself as Banana Man and assigned him the task of finding out the identity of the Tinkler. Andre was very proud of this, but he was made fun of by Mr. Frank who still resented being tackled. The two of them discovered the latest attack of the Tinkler in the teacher’s lounge where they found that the his attacks were not limited to the liquid method of human waste. Banana Man then created a cardboard cutout of himself that he wired with electricity to lure out the Tinkler.

 This proved to be too tempting for the Tinkler as he was caught within minutes of it being set up. Andre was then reprimanded by John who did not approve of his methods. Luckily the student that was caught was not seriously injured, and he had a bad home life so his parents did not get involved. Andre was still discouraged that he was not making a difference in anyone’s life, and he tried making a poster to help better influence eating habits. This poster was defaced, and then the replacement poster was stolen. Frank continued to make fun of Andre to which Andre replied that he didn't care if he only reached one student it would still be worth is effort. This did not stop Frank’s taunts, but Andre eventually realizes that his life was not that bad.

 Unknown to Andre, it was revealed that there was a student that Banana Man’s influence had reached, and this student had stolen the poster to hang in his room at home. Mr. Frank was the next person to interrupt one of Banana Man’s assemblies. Frank was dressed in his own costume and called himself Yo-Yo Man. Banana Man chased him back to his office where Yo-Yo Man had set up a trap. Banana Man found himself strung upside down over a boiling vat of chocolate. He was able to escape with the help of Gorilla Guy. Gorilla Guy had been suffering from a nutritional deficiency which he was able to overcome by eating more bananas. Together Banana Man and Gorilla Guy pummeled Yo-Yo Man. All three were reprimanded by the principal, Mr. John.

Want to purchase Banana Man? Just click on this link to go directly to Banana Man's Website!

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Interview with the Leapin' Lawman's Creator Scott Rogers

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With great pleasure and an amazing opportunity, Comic Unknown had an interview with Scott Rogers, creator of Bedbug!!!

Who doesn't love a good interview?

CU: What made you want to work in the comic book industry?

SR: I have worked in many exciting industries in my lifetime - video games, animation, movies, theme parks - but I have always loved comic books. I learned how to read from comic books, I went to art school because I wanted to draw comic books, I have attended (almost) every San Diego Comic Convention since the mid-70's because I love comics. I love that you can tell any kind of story with comics. I love how unique every comic is because of the individual artists and writers - it's a medium where you can really hear the voice of the creator. I love how everything is valid in comics - it's a very accepting medium in terms of style and genres. I have lots of friends that work in comics as writers, editors and artists but I myself never worked in comics because it's a tough business to be in. It takes a lot of work just to make one comic book! That said, making BEDBUG #1 was something I had promised myself I would do - ever since I was a little kid - I was finally was able to find the time, the energy and the money to make it happen!

Sketch of Bedbug with his daughter Elvira

CU: Who is your favorite all time super hero/villain? Why?

SR: I'm a HUGE Batman fan. I call myself an "amateur Batman historian." I have read every story, seen every cartoon and film, I have a special "Batman Bathroom" in my house decorated with original art, classic toys and vintage comics. Besides Batman, there are many other heroes that I love that influenced Bedbug in big ways and small: Spider-Man, Blue Beetle, Jack Knight Starman, Hellboy, Alpha Flight's Guardian... Too many to list! My favorite villain is a toss-up between the Hobgoblin, Doctor Doom and the Killer Moth (You can blame Chuck Dixon for that last one) - they're all classic baddies with striking visuals. Is it too late to mention I love the Taskmaster too? Darn.

CU: What made you create Bedbug?

SR: I created Bedbug when I was six years old. He was originally called "The Black Beetle." When my friends and I published Shooting Star Comics Anthology in 2002, I felt that the name Black Beetle was too close to DC's The Blue Beetle so I changed his name to "Bedbug" - which I was amazed no one had used before - other than a super-obscure Jack Kirby baddie. But besides wanting to see my childhood creation come to life in a comic book, I had felt that modern "heroes" were not acting very heroic. I couldn't relate to the "grim and gritty" amoral anti-heroes of the late 90's/early 2000's and even good guys like Spider-Man were married to supermodels! I felt alienated from my childhood heroes. Having just had kids of my own, I knew that Bedbug needed to be a father too and I wanted to address the issues that came with parenthood. I wanted Bedbug to be a character that someone like me could see a bit of themselves in as well be a hero they could look up to.

Shooting Star 1-6 & Unconventional Special

CU: With all the downtime between now and Shooting Star, do you have many stories prepared for the Leapin' Lawman?

SR: I have many unfinished outlines for Bedbug adventures in my head as well as written out. There is one over-arching plot - the mystery of the Boogeyman - which starts in BEDBUG #1. How many of these stories I actually get a chance to tell - well, time will tell!

CU: Are all of your characters from Shooting Star transferring to the Bedbug series? If not can we get a hint on who will?

SR: Every Bedbug character that showed up in Shooting Star Comics Anthology will eventually show up in Bedbug's new adventures. I like my characters too much to leave any of them behind! In fact, fan-favorite The Grave Robber and the Blue Tiger (who I think steals the show in one of the new stories) have their moment in the spotlight in BEDBUG #1. 

Scrapper, Player One, Boogeyman, Rook and Calamity
CU: Are there many new characters? 

SR: I love creating new characters, especially villains. New villains, the Boogeyman and Calamity, make their first appearances to the Bedbug-verse in BEDBUG #1 and sharp-eyed readers will spot a few other new characters lurking in the background.

CU: How many issues do you have in mind for the series?

SR: Right now I'm going to shoot for four issues. There will be some connections between them, but I'm a big fan of "done-in-one" stories - something I think is lacking in today's comics. They say that every comic is someone's first, so I want to create a way for new readers to hop in to Bedbug's universe without feeling lost or alienated.

CU: Are all issues going to be in color?

SR: Absolutely! Once you go color, there's no going back!

CU: What was the most difficult part of in creating Bedbug #1?

Drawn by Sam Ellis

SR:It's a lot of work to create a comic on your own. Thankfully, I didn't create BEDBUG #1 all on my own. There are stories written by my friends Erik Burnham (Ghostbusters) and Chad Jones (Wrath of the Titans) and art drawn by Sam Ellis (Archer), Mitch Ballard, Drew Massey and Lane Garrison. I couldn't have created the book I wanted to produce without their invaluable contributions. (Thanks guys!) That said, finding contributors can be challenging but I always welcome people who want to play with me in Bedbug's universe!

CU: What was the easiest/funnest part in creating Bedbug #1?

SR: The funnest part is seeing people's reaction to the finished product. So far, the reader's responses have been very positive. When you work on something for so long, you have no idea if anyone is going to like it or not. I didn't publish Bedbug to get rich or famous but it is nice to be appreciated. :)

 BEDBUG #1, has 32 pages of full-color action! Can Bedbug balance busting crime with family time? All-ages action! Featuring four ALL-NEW stories, pin-ups, character bios and more! Bedbug is available for a cover price: $3.99. While both covers look awesome, I personally find the alternate cover looking pretty epic. 

Last but not least here is ANOTHER preview for the upcoming Bedbug #1 comic. ENJOY!

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Got Banana?

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Unlike our other updates, this one will make you go BANANAS!! How you might ask? With Vincent J. Cracchiolo's indie mini-series of Banana Man! 

 With the name of Andre Andre (not a typo), Banana Man finds himself as a high school nutrition teacher who preaches to everyone about the importance of potassium while dressed accordingly. While in a school assembly, Banana Man is faced with an enemy with the name of Gorilla Guy in which believes that the Earth will be overtaken by talking apes. Gorilla Guy is his main adversary, and his identity is a mystery at first. With the first mini-issue published in 2001, the eight mini-issue series was released sporadically for more than a decade.

 But of course a great comic isn't done within a day. Banana Man #8 was released in May 2013. Each issue is available for purchase here for only a womping $0.50 EACH! (Excluding #8 for $1.00). In other words for only $4.50 you are getting over 80 pages of potassium, you just can't beat that in today's prices. 

 One great thing I really enjoyed about Banana Man besides the actual story and the price is that there are lots of pinups, parodies and extras throughout. This is a great and fun book to read with awesome references. 

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The Return of Bedbug!

Welcome back to another great installment of COMIC UNKNOWN!

  As some of you know, Wednesday is the day of the new comic book releases. This week was a special week, you could even call it Bedbug Week. Wednesday, June 19, 2013 was the official release date of Bedbug #1. With that being said, Bedbug #1 is 32 pages of FULL-COLOR COMICS! It has a 1:5 awesome variant, and comes with four adventures that follows the Leapin' Lawman.

"Who He Is And How He Came To Be" is the NEVER BEFORE published origin of Bedbug. With art by Sam Ellis and story by Scott Rogers

"Teacher's Pet" is written by Chad Jones and art by Scott Rogers - will Bedbug's secret identity get revealed by his young daughter?

1:5 Variant

"Invitation" is written and drawn by Scott Rogers - What can a parent do when a big crime spree is the same night as your daughter's sleep over?

"It Happened At Twilight" is written by Erik Burham with art by You Know Who. Two words: Day. Vampires.

  And if that wasn't enough he also added bios of Bedbug's friends and foes. Here is a sneak peek into the adventure "Invitation".


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Soldiers At the Heart of the Sun

Welcome back to another great installment of COMIC UNKNOWN!

  So what would you do if your in a head on collision with a horde of Moth-Vampires? Let alone in a desolate desert outpost, IN MARS! I'll tell you one thing, it wont be pretty. But if you have Bigfoot on your side you might just have a fighting chance.

Bigfoot returns in Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman #2 - Soldiers At the Heart of the Sun, and he always seems to find himself in a tough situation. We previously saw him with his new sidekick Bagworm escaping the slave camps of Lord Jeoffa. Upon his escape, they somehow managed to get recruited into a conscription army captained by Radu against the moth-vampires.

 They all find themselves surrounded by these beasts, and of course you find Bigfoot tearing them a new one. Vastly outnumbered, they have to figure out how to win this downhill battle. Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman #2 was released February 13, 2013 and is available for both physical and digital copy. Want a preview of the second issue? Just follow the link below and check out the first few pages of Issue TWO

Here are a few images of the infamous and of the heroic characters mentioned here from B:SOTE thus far.

Castor Bagworm, member of the Scribe Caste, the great poets of the red planet.Bagworm befriends the Earthman after the sasquatch almost kills a guard when pushed too hard.

Captain Radu, the gray skinned alien that is responsible for the conscription army against the horde of

Lord Jeoffa, the warrior king who united the barbarian tribes into a political force that lords over all other tribal entities. He is cold, relentless and became drunk with power and slaughtered thousands in his quest to create the ultimate empire.

  Korovan Muspin, the fiery-skinned, horned "daemon of the desert” and right hand of Lord Jeoffa. He is the massively built killing machine that is in the
hunt for the Earthman.

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Graverobber V.S. Bedbug

Welcome to another installment of Comic Unknown!

  We recently have dipped our toes into the upcoming comic of Bedbug. But like we said before, this is not Bedbug's first rodeo. He has faced multiple villains and had great battles. One of the more notable villain is William "Billy" Craven also known as the Grave Robber, which his first appearance was Shooting Star #2 in 2003 . Having been originally named Head Stone, the Grave Robber changed his name when he first faced Bedbug. Bedbug consistently kept making fun of his name until Bedbug himself thought up of the name. Inevitably, Grave Robber was defeated and sent to jail. Since then, he has dedicated himself to bettering himself in the hopes of taking his rightful place as Bedbug’s archenemy.

  Grave Robber has a few tricks up his sleeve. He carries his prized possession six-shooter, as well as a Sonic Shovel that creates vibrations strong enough to cut through metal or release a reverberating shock wave when slammed onto the ground.

  Grave Robber has been confirmed to reappear in the new Bedbug #1 that is going to be released on June 19th.  

Stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled for more of Bedbug from COMIC UNKNOWN

Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite!

Welcome to another installment of Comic Unknown!

From the ashes of Shooting Star's Anthology, one character leaped out and finally got the chance to be the super hero he always wanted to be when he was a boy.

 Originally created in 2001 by Scott Rogers, Bedbug had it's comic debut in 2002 with Shooting Star Anthology #1. Since then, Bedbug appeared in each issue until the short lived series ended, with it's sixth issue in 2005.  Shooting Star also had two specials as well in which he appeared in both. Having been on hiatus since, Scott Rogers began to write ideas for a  Bedbug standalone series when he recently was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in 2013. Having completed its first issue, Bedbug #1 will be released in June 19, 2013.

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Devil in the Desert

The unlikely hero of Mars is here.
 "No one knows his name. No one knows how he got here. And after today... no one is about to ask..." Bigfoot is the gigantopithecus with a hell of an adventure in the red planet. He is the hero with a martian tale. He finds himself in a slave camp with Disc Soldiers maintaining them under the rule of the Warrior King, Lord Jeoffa. He quickly finds himself surrounded by political prisoners, criminals, soldiers and merchants including a lesser pink-skinned alien, Bagworm. With problems escalating in the slave camps, Bigfoot and Bagworm team up to fight off Disc Soldiers and escape the camp. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. 
Hell awaits for them with hordes of moth-vampires, the Daemon of the Desert tracking them down and much more! 
Looks painful.

The comic has an amazing universe with stunning images and colors, the silent but deadly Bigfoot is a force to be reckoned  with in this comic. In a stellar sci-fi setting, the reader will find themselves in an odd place inside, not fully understanding how he got there or why, but easily playing a movie inside their head with all of the action-packed scenes. From start to finish, my eyes were glued to the paper and my imagination went wild. Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman Issue 1, Devil in the Desert was released in November 7, 2012 and is available for both physical and digital copy.  Want a preview of the first issue? Just follow the link below and check out the first few pages of Issue One

 With many obstacles in the way, what will Bigfoot do? Can he trust the newly acquainted  Bagworm? Come back and see the next  time we talk about B:SOTE!
The Daemon, hunter of Bigfoot.

Brew and Crew

Good Morning!

  Welcome to another installment of Comic Unknown. Our first ever comic to show up on C.U. is from an up and coming publishing company called BREWHOUSE COMICS. Brewhouse was founded in 2012 by Josh Henaman. It takes it's name from the public houses of old, where the emphasis was on a good drink, good company, and great stories. Focusing on craft, Brewhouse aims to take that philosophy into the comic book world one story at a time.

  And they did just that. Brewhouse released their first issue in November 2012 with what can only be known as the start of an epic mini series. BIGFOOT: SWORD OF THE EARTHMAN is Josh Henaman's debut into the comicbook world and it rocked the (brew)house. With the help of Andy Taylor (Art), Thomas Bonvillain (Colors) and Time Daniels (Logo Design) B:SOTE is a force to be reckoned with. 

Up next is what some consider a creature of legends, a loner, it's none other than the Earthman. 

The Martian Rover Spirit, is watching. But who is it watching?

The dying planet needed a hero... what they got was a sasquatch.

Coming soon is an inside look with publisher/creator Josh Henaman's DYI masterpiece of a dying planet's plea for a hero and what they found was bigfoot himself!!

First comic to enter Comic Unknown is BIGFOOT: Sword of the Earthman.

Not even a horde can stop him!

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