Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Samurai And His Sword


Today's comic will take us to an era with samurais and thieves. Where bordering nations are in great tension, we find a wanderer, a ronin, a Monkeyronin?
The Legend of Monkeyronin!

 Created, written, and illustrated by Scotty Clayton, The Legend of Monkeyronin series is a fantasy adventure about the title character and his sidekick Kusanagi, a spirit bonded to his sword. We find Monkeyronin on the way to the city of Sanja Inoue where he confronts three thugs attempting to rob an old couple. With these bandits underestimating Monkeyronin, they soon realize that they are no match for him. While Monkeyronin is seen kicking bandit butt and protecting the defenseless, we find another pair of characters known as Bato the Lightning Fist and Bing Bing. Bato has entered a fighting tournament and about to fight a big brute but right when he was about to fight, Bing Bing must leave to see the High Priestess of North, Lady Kaguali.

 The illustration gives this brand new series a a fully colored painted look in which looks great and makes perfect sense for this comic. Having an obvious name of what or who Monkeyronin is does not hinder the story. It is fun to follow Monkeyronin in his adventure and see a random spirit head following him as a sidekick. He makes a monkey out of his opponents with his own sense of humor. Without any complaints this is a book the whole family can follow. While this issue is about story building, we will soon see a powerful dark being crossing paths with our monkey samurai. Only time will tell on what will happen, until then we can only wait and see. While Issue One Morning Skirmish is available now for both digital ($1.99) and physical copy ($3.99), Issue Two & Three will be released on August 28th, 2013 for the same prices. 

Want to have a glimpse into the story of Monkeyronin? Check out the mini adventures of the samurai monkey known as Ghost Troubles and Monkeyronin's Backstory. You can follow updates of Monkeyronin in its Facebook page as well as Comic Unknown's page, so keep yourself to date with everything COMIC UNKNOWN!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mega Chopped!


 While searching through the wilderness of everything indie, Comic Unknown stumbled onto Mega Maiden and Chop Chop Princess. Created by Andeh Pinkard, MM & CCP is Manga Sized Trade Paperback with 122 pages of geeks rioting. While ignoring that horrible pun, this tpb consists of five issues in which all are available for purchase as stand alone issues. While MM & CCP is not suitable for young readers, it is definitely worth dipping your toes into if your looking for a parody of superheroes.

 Today we will start off with just Issue/Chapter One, or Punch One in which Andeh Pinkard calls it. It builds the world of Mega Maiden and Chop Chop Princess. They are in a mission to become new superheroes of the city but aren't sure how to accomplish this goal. While bumping into another superhero in which they respected at first, they soon realize that he is a complete jerk. They find themselves in their first battle with a baddie with the help of a blogger named Erik. They confront Doctor Clockwerk and Smashbox, an evil genius bent on controlling all machines to create a robotic revolution and his robot hench...bot. The battle comes to a conclusion and while MM & CCP enjoy their great victory, they noticed that they need better costumes if they want to be taken seriously.

 This manga styled comic is a very fun read. It shows that the two not so good aspiring super heroines have a shared love of punching criminals and delivering justice. While they are still honing their super skills, they meet some interesting characters along the way. It is a very entertaining read, Andeh would even considers it an adaptation of a TV drama (just humor him). Mega Maiden and Chop Chop Princess Issue 1 is available for 2.99, so get your copy now!


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dedicated to all Pioneers

Welcome back to a very special edition of Comic Unknown!

We are proudly to present SOLESTAR!

 Solestar was written by Siike Donnelly, a brain aneurysm survivor. Donnelly survived a subarachnoid hemorrhage, commonly known as a brain aneurysm, in 2010. Having to rebuild his speech pattern and learn to walk again, Siike has reached out to other aneurysm survivors, finding that very little is being done to not only raise awareness to something that could affect anyone at any moment, but also found very little money being raised as well.

 Solestar revolves around Isamu Takahashi, a Japanese man that gets his powers during the bombing of Hiroshima. Waking in that disaster, he chose to use his powers to help rebuild his country. Over time he learned that he no longer aged like everyone else. In 2013, he meets the love of his life, Ashley. They get married, but 20 years after the day they met, she passes away from a brain aneurysm. When the story opens, it's Christmas Eve of the year 2099, the anniversary of the day he met Ashley. 

After over 150 years of life, Solestar knows that today will be his last day alive. He's sensed this day coming for a while. He accepts it, knowing he's lived a long, good life. Still, his compassion for mankind won't allow him to leave the world the way it is. Being the last superhero on Earth, and knowing that some of his villains still exist, waiting for him to die so that they can take over the world, Solestar embarks on his most difficult journey yet- to turn the bad guys good. From villains that control the elements (Boom & Cloud), to giant Godzilla-like monsters, irradiated men (Hotoke), and ending with his greatest enemy of all (Yuu Hasashi), Solestar aims to find the good in all of us, one last time. 

The story is told in five chapter in which over 60 different artists collaborated. 
Solestar is a very unique book in which helps raise awareness to those that have suffered and continue to suffer from ruptured brain aneurysms and while graphic novel will sell for $10,  all proceeds going to the The Brain Aneurysm Foundation.

Solestar, the amazing book with a deep meaning and a great cause.

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ashes To Ashes

Welcome back to another great installment of COMIC UNKNOWN!

Cover 4A
 We return to the dark, often violent, tale of redemption & the quest for the truth. Man of God Issue 4 was released at Derby City Comic Con in Louisville, KY on June 29th 2013. If you missed out, issue four has a womping seven different covers (including a blank cover variant). With the dark story of who John Morris is and his quest for the truth, we find John Morris finding his way back to the church but in a standoff with Detective Boone. A battle erupts between the two and John is faced with a decision of what he should do. Throughout this issue we see multiple action packed scenes in which we find a character in a tough spot. If it wasn't John, it was Vince temporarily finding himself on Perpes bad side. The cover speaks for itself on issue 4.

 Death of John Morris Part 4: Ashes is a great issue with plenty of action, well written and illustrated, and with a twist for an ending. Having John finally able to speak is pretty awesome considering his charred body and everything hes already gone through. Issue four is another great chapter for the Man of God series in which leaves us in a cliffhanger for the next issue. The issue even had a fourth wall moment when Boone tells him that John isn't Batman and that this isn't a comic 
book (Sorry to burst your bubble Detective). All in all, Pinwheel Press has an awesome comic with each issue giving the reader what they want from Man of God. Only time will tell on what will happen in the Man of God universe. Man of God #4  Death of John Morris Part 4: Ashes is available at the Pinwheel Press Store starting at $3.50 for a physical copy and $2.99 for the digital copy. Issue 5 will be released at DanCan in Chicago, IL on September 21st or via there site so you should have enough time to catch up with the series!
Action Shot of the Day!
Want check out the first issue of Man of God for free? For a limited time only, you can get a digital copy of Man of God #1 for free!
Just click on this link provided!

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A Triple Threat Of Aphrodite IX

Welcome back to an awesome new adventure with Comic Unknown!!

  Having just a over a month up and running, we have seen great comics, characters and creators come in and out of Comic Unknown. With some steam in this epic train, we have managed to get a glimpse into one of the most notable indie publishing companies, TOP COW! With Top Cow recently releasing a new Aphrodite IX on Free Comic Book Day, I have gotten the chance to review issues One, Two, and Three! 

 Just to have an idea of who she is, Aphrodite is assassin that is both cybernetically and genetically enhanced, but whose memory is purged after every hit to protect herself and her masters. So to keep this short and sweet, shes kicking ass and taking names in this new series. 

Now for the fun part. This not a single, not a double, BUT a triple review of Aphrodite IX!

 Issue one shows us a distant future where humanity is nearly extinct and where humans are divided into two factions, one with cybernetic enhancements and the other genetically altered. There centuries long war has brought lots of bloodshed between the two factions. During this war, Aphrodite has been accidentally awakened from stasis by a genetically altered human named Marcus and is quickly confronted by three "Cybers" in which Aphrodite doesn't even give them a fighting chance. Without spoiling anything else, Aphrodite IX issue one is action packed, beautifully illustrated, and brilliantly written, Sejic and Hawkins are a force to be reckoned with. The dialogue between characters are so realistic, the combination of that and the illustration makes you forget your reading a comic book  This is a must read for any person looking for an awesome sci-fi series, let alone any reader looking for a kick-ass story.

Issue Two

 After waking up into a new world, we find out that Aphrodite has a few more tricks up her sleeve besides being an epic coordinated assassin in the second issue. She has the ability to modify her physical appearance (loosely shown in issue one) and the ability to secrete artificial pheromones which cause anyone effected to become attracted to her to a point that they will not attack. Issue two focuses into recovering the body of what once was Marcus's drake named Glamrung and capturing the second in command to Executor Chronos. Even with this victorious accomplishment, Aphrodite has been "slaved" once again and is under control by her handler, Burch. During this time, Burch has twenty minutes to control Aphrodite and than shortly erasing her memories causing her to not know what is going on. The dynamic duo known as Sejic and Hawkins has once again put forward amazing illustrations with such a great narrative  that anyone can forget that they're reading a comic book instead of watching a film. The story is in a perfect pace where you would keep reading until you sadly noticed the issue is done. In a shocking ending, issue two is left in a cliffhanger (like the previous) and keeps the reader asking for more. Aphrodite IX issue two has the perfect balance of dialogue and action scenes that would keep anyone's eyes glued to the pages.

Last but certainly not least, issue three!!

The issue starts off with Marcus and Aphrodite chasing the escaped prisoner with the Gens's mythical/majestic creatures as transportation. While still capable of being under Burch's control, Aphrodite begins to fight the influence she's under. She begins to question herself and becomes confused of who she is and what is happening to her when she blacks out for those twenty minutes. You soon find out that Chronos will stop at nothing to annihilate the Gens. With many surprises in store throughout the issue, one thing never changes, and that's that Aphrodite is a hell of an assassin. If she is targeting you, prepare to say goodbye. The series only gets better and better after each issue. With great tragedy comes amazing writing, and boy did issue three have it's share of bloodshed. Having a beautifully unique art style can only strengthen the series, each panel looks like a painting of the epic tale. I tip my hat to the creation team of Aphrodite IX for creating yet another great issue. This is definitely a series worth reading and having in your collection. Issue Three was released today July 17, 2013 so make sure to grab your copy NOW!

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

An A-peeling Interview

Welcome Back to Comic Unknown!

With the vast amount of interviews here we have yet another awesome interview!
 Banana Man's creator Vincent Cracchiolo

What made you want to work in the comicbook industry?

I have been a comic fan my whole life, and so after reading thousands of comics, sometimes you want to do something of your own. You don't necessarily think you can do it better, but you feel like you have your own stories to tell or show.

How did you and Chris Caldwell create the idea of Banana Man?

It all started as a request from a friend of mine who had graduated from the Kubert School of Cartooning, Chris Caldwell. He wanted me to write a superhero comic for him; I wanted to write about something realistic. So I wrote about a superhero who had no powers. Everything that would happen could actually happen in real life; it would just be rather unlikely.

In a sleep deprived state while working a couple jobs I came up with what I thought would be a universally appealing hero: Banana Man. We threw together a short book just to see what kind of reaction we would get at the local comic convention, and I left the story with an open ending just in case...

Who is your favorite all time super hero/villain? Why?

Spider-Man is the best all time superhero. Great powers, great costume, real world problems, and then he doesn't take himself too seriously. If you are reading a comic, you want it to be funny.

Why a Kickstarters campaign?

I always wanted to publish the book professionally, but it is expensive to get it printed, and then there is a lot of pressure to sell the book after that to try and recoup your costs. Kickstarter allowed me to basically presell the book, that way the printing is paid for up front, then I just ship the books out. It made is risk free for me, and that ended up opening the book up to all sorts of people that would never have heard about it before.

Did you ever consider another crowdfunding site?

I never considered another crowdfunding site. There are all sorts of them now that just try to copy what kickstarter has done, and they try to put it down by saying you don't keep the money if it doesn't get funded. That is kind of the point though, if my book only got halff funded I would not have wanted to keep the money because then I would be responsible for the other half so that I could get the product to the people that paid. And if you are just worried about not getting funded, then maybe you don't need to be doing the project.

Were you expecting the amount of pledges Banana Man recieved?

I was not expecting the pledges I received at all. I put a low price to get funded just wanted to get it made and hoping for the best. I have never made money on this really, I just didn't want to lose money. I ended up making it a little high just to be safe, and it was interesting to say the least to watch the pledges over the month. I was expecting it to be mostly friends and family, which I kind of feel bad about, they don't need to fund my dreams out of guilt, but kickstarter really has a lot of people that browse it looking for cool projects. Almost 70% of my backers were people through kickstarter.

What should people expect in the Trade Paper Back?

The TPB is the complete collection, I have thrown everything we ever printed in there, plus all the fliers and some extra things I have thrown in. We are also doing two new pages at the end to kind of cap everything off.

Did you ever have a scene/ issue where you look back and thought "WOW!"?

Yeah, going back through and putting this altogether has been pretty funny. There are a few things I am finding questionable, like poop in the microwave, but I never got any negative feedback.

How can viewers find your comic book?

The website is the best place to go, crackcomics.com. It has not been updated since the last issue came out since I have been busy working on the TPB, but I will get it updated once the book is off to the printer. There is lots of stuff on there to go through.

Are there any more book coming from Crack Comics in the future?

No more plans for any more comics, it took me so long to get this last one out, but it felt very rewarding to finally finish it, and it ends in a great spot.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The clash of all things indie..... crowdfunding

Welcome to Comic Unknown! 
Today we will be going down a different road for a topic. Today we will talk about CROWDFUNDING!!!!


 Crowdfunding  is the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money, usually via the Internet, to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations. Crowd funding can be used in multiple types of categories. Art, comics, dance, design, fashion, film and video, food, games, music, photography, publishing, technology, and theater are all categories that you would find in a crowdfunding campaign.

So how does that relate to comics?

 Like said before, comics are one of the many categories that you would find in a crowdfunding site. Crowd funding has been seen in the past to help pay for projects that we see today in indie comics. There are many reasons why a comicbook creator would use crowdfunding. From gathering funds required to print their comicbook to funds to hire someone into their production team, there are just too many reasons for crowdfunding. 

For example, when Comic Unknown had previously asked Jonathan Swinney (letterer of Man of God) why they used Kickstarters, he responded with:

"We ran out of money completing the first three issues. We overprinted issue #1 based on information that Diamond gave us and what we expected our sales to be at C2E2. This had a devastating effect on our budget for the first story arc (Issues 1-6). Kickstarter gave us the money to print the last three (3) issues of the story arc and get them into the fans' hands."

 With the few reasons of crowdfunding, supporters get incentives depending on the amount of money they  each pool in, varying from getting a digital copy or a physical copy to as big as being immortalized into their comicbook. With  many sites out there, the most popular sites for crowdfunding are Kickstarters and Indiegogo. 
Seen in http://www.giantitp.com/

Each site has its pros and cons, its strengths and weaknesses. 

 Kickstarters has a huge community and is very well known. 
The way they get funding is called the All or Nothing funding model. What that means is that if the goal the founder would set up is not reached within the allocated time, the project will not get funded. As much as that sounds a bit drastic, it is a powerful tool to help motivate backers to reach the goal. They have a set of guidelines that the project is required to abide by, and it is also more difficult to create a project outside of the U.S. (or UK) with Kickstarters. Kickstarters uses Amazon Payments as the only method of payment.

 While Indiegogo has a much smaller community, it is more lenient with the funding model let alone easier to create around the world. While they do offer an all or nothing model, the founder can choose whether or not they would want that option. Even though founders put a goal of a specific amount, the goal does not have to be reached to be funded. Indiegogo uses Paypal as the method of payment. 

Project Fees

Another main difference between the two sites are the project fees. Kickstarters charge a rate of 5%, while Indiegogo charges two different rates being 9% (if the project DID NOT reach its goal) and 4% (if the project DID reach its goal).


 If your project is within the United States (or UK) and it qualifies for Kickstarters, go for it. Even though they have the all or nothing model, they have a huge community. When ever someone talks about crowdfunding, Kickstarters is usually the first option people go with. 

 Banana Man's creator Vincent J. Cracchiolo did not hesitate to use kickstarters. 
He said, "I never considered another crowdfunding site. There are all sorts of them now that just try to copy what kickstarter has done, and they try to put it down by saying you don't keep the money if it doesn't get funded. That is kind of the point though, if my book only got half funded I would not have wanted to keep the money because then I would be responsible for the other half so that I could get the product to the people that paid. And if you are just worried about not getting funded, then maybe you don't need to be doing the project."

That's it for today at Comic Unknown! 
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Harry and the Henaman's Interview

Welcome back to another great installment of COMIC UNKNOWN!

With all these great interviews, reviews (and general badassery), we haven't seen much of the Earthman. So with much anticipation, COMIC UNKNOWN has a great interview with the Earthman's creator, JOSH HENAMAN! 
Everyone would know his name

CU: What made you want to work in the comicbook industry?

JH: First question out of the gate and it’s actually the one I had the hardest time with.  If I had to boil it down from the many reasons, I guess I’d say it was because I remember the joy I had as a kid reading comics.  I grew up in rural Iowa and we didn’t have a comic book store, but north of us there was a town of about 20,000 people.  In that town, there was a series of grocery stores, drug stores and gas stations that had decent selections.  I remember during the summer my mom would drop me off at one end of town and I would slowly make my way along the corridor, walking to each spot to see what was new, until I would finally make it to where she worked on the other end.  It was a five mile trek of awesomeness.

After that, comics stoked the imagination to the point where I took every writing course I could as a kid and then as a college student.  Unfortunately, as an adult, I got sucked into the world of corporate America, but I had never stopped writing.  But like most situations, I was constantly waiting for someone to give me the greenlight.  I was always waiting for someone else to give me that go ahead to move forward.  Bigfoot-SOTE was the first idea where I stopped and said, “This is a comic book. I can do this.  I’m not waiting around for someone to tell me ‘no.’” 

CU: Who is your favorite all time super hero/villain? Why?

Rom Issue 1
JH: Rom the Spaceknight. Take the word “space” and add “knight” and you have me lining up.  Plus, what you have is a solitary warrior against a seemingly unstoppable sea of enemies in the Dire Wraiths. My God, what I wouldn’t give for another Rom series. 

Mutant Massacre, a Marvel Comics crossover
 event beginning in 1986 
 As far as a villain goes, it’s hard to pick one, but I can tell you my favorite villain TEAM.  Hands down, it’s the Marauders.  A mishmash of badasses.  When they first made their appearance in the Mutant Massacre crossover, they were all over the map as far as members, powers, etc. As a reader, you didn’t know what you were going to get.  A whirlwind chucking ninja throwing stars?  Check.  A man who could build a weapon to take down ANY opponent?  Check. A walking prism? WTF?  The storyline was brutally crazy and the villains were even more sadistic.  As a kid, you really didn’t know what in the hell was going to happen. 

CU: Were any of the characters (Besides Bigfoot) inspired by another character?

JH: Stay tuned. 

CU: How many issues do you have in mind for the series? Will the Bigfoot universe continue after SOTE?

JH: Bigfoot – Sword of the Earthman is a six-issue limited series. Will the universe continue after the six issues?  That’s tricky.  I don’t want to give anything away, but issue #1 does have a clue as to the timespan we’re dealing with. It opens with an older, battle-weary Bigfoot (the “Bigfoot on Mars” NASA image) and immediately cuts to a younger Bigfoot in the slave camps. So the question the opening shot of the mini asks is how does Bigfoot get to be that armed-to-the-teeth, battle-weary individual we saw at the beginning?  The tease from issue #1 is whether or not Bigfoot sitting on the rock is the FINAL image of the series?    
Is the very first image of The Earthman a spoiler?
Or something else?
CU: How big are you planning on making the Bigfoot universe?

JH: As big as the mythos of Mars! Truthfully though, while I can certainly dream big, right now I’m solely focused on the six issues.  As someone who just jumped into the comics pool, I don’t want to fall into the trap of promising the world and not delivering. 

CU: What was the most difficult part in the production of Sword of the Earthman?

Issue One's Production
JH: Making the commitment to self-publish. There are so many factors that go into the production of a comic book, but the most heartburn-inducing nausea was thinking, “Do I have what it takes to see this through?”  Self-doubt was probably the biggest hurdle I had to overcome, but at the end of the day I was forced to come to the conclusion that nobody was beating down my door for a “Bigfoot in space” story.

After that initial first step, it quickly became me asking, “Okay, what do I do next?” until I finally realized the big picture of “How do I make a comic?” was nothing more than me asking the “What next?” question over and over and then seeking out the answers.  As a writer, looking back I realized there are basically three phases.  Writing – Production – Marketing.  Or in other words, creating it, putting it together and getting it out there.

CU: If you got to choose one villain to fight Bigfoot who would it be?

JH: I’d jump out of the realm of comics and choose Genghis Khan. I recently discovered Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History Podcast and his five-part series, “Wrath of the Khans.” It is absolutely mind-blowing what the Mongols accomplished without anyone knowing they were there until it was too late. Bigfoot vs. the Mongolian Horde? Sign me up.

CU: If you got to choose one hero to fight alongside Bigfoot who would it be?

JH: Probably Rom the Spaceknight… Or maybe Mister Miracle.

CU: Did you ever have a scene/ issue where you look back and thought "WOW!"?

Bigfoot Vs Martian Ants, I'm going to bet on the Eartman
JH: In the first issue alone, there are so many.  The opening sequence involving the Mars Spirit rover and the reveal of Bigfoot sitting on the rocks is high on my list, but my absolute favorite has to be the sequence involving Bigfoot, Bagworm and the giant ant-like creatures.  Page 18 with Bigfoot going berserk is the money shot, of course, but page 17 is the sequence of panels where Andy just floored me with the layout. The script calls for a simple 4-panel page. 1) The two are surrounded by ants, 2) The swarm drowns Bagworm, 3) Bigfoot drops to one knee, several ants surround him 
and 4) Bigfoot disappears amidst the horde.

What I got from Andy was a page nothing short of amazing.  The layout alone is the perfect “How to design a page for optimum impact.”  Ants slowly filling each panel until our heroes are literally drowning in creatures.  The tension is incredible.  Then, when you turn the page…  

CU: Is Brewhouse ever planning on doing stories other than Bigfoot?

JH: Absolutely. Right now I’m in that phase of, “What do I do next?” I’ve written a couple of scripts, but haven’t pulled the trigger on seeking out an artist yet.  I’m horrible at multi-tasking, so I tend to obsess about one thing at a time (in this case, Bigfoot.)

This needs to be a poster!
CU: Ever planning on selling merchandise for the series?

JH: Honestly?  If I’m allowed to dream big, I could see B:SOTE becoming a toy line down the road (similar to the old school He-Man line from the 80’s), but I wouldn’t know where to begin to even get that ball rolling.  Other than that, I’ve been thinking about t-shirts, posters, etc., but that’s all down the road (but probably a lot closer than actual toys.)

CU: Besides on the west coast of the U.S. are you ever planning on doing conventions closer to the east coast?

JH: Definitely.  I’ve only done three conventions so far, so I suppose you could say I’m still new to the con-scene.  The greatest concentration of indie stores that supported Bigfoot from the very beginning have been out on the East coast, so I’d love to get out there and meet the retailers who gave this unknown a shot and the fans who discovered us.  Logistically speaking, I have a 7 ft. tall Bigfoot standee I’ve been taking to the conventions and it doesn’t break down, so it’ll have to be a road trip!

CU: Is there a release date for issue 4 yet?

JH: We’re looking at a late July, early-August release. 

Thank you Josh for this epic interview. With plenty of more issues to come, Comic Unknown will be there to give you the who's who. With an upcoming review of issue 3, issue 4 is just around the corner! Don't forget the first three issues of Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman are available for purchase here

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Interview With The Letterer Of Man Of God

Welcome back to another great installment of COMIC UNKNOWN!

We recently got in contact with Jonathan Swinney the letterer of Man Of God and had this awesome interview!

CU: What made you want to work in the comicbook industry?

JS: Ever since I picked up my first X-men book at 5 years old, I knew I wanted to do something in the comics industry but, I suck as an artist. Luckily technology advanced and being pretty good with a computer, I was able to pick up lettering fairly quickly.

CU: Who is your favorite all time super hero/villain? Why?

JS: I have always liked both Batman and Superman as a team. They  both represent "good guys" but there is definitely an interesting duality in there methods.

CU: How did you become part of the MoG creation team?
Early Development of Issue 4

JS: I was asked to help letter the webcomic "Playing God" that Valiant Entertainment requested prior to their relaunch. We did 18 chapters over at valiantfans.com and i was involved with Chapters 7-18. After it was over, Craig Partin asked me if I would like to join Bob Hall, Yvel Guichet, Stu Berryhill, and himself work on a mainstream book. Obviously, I jumped at the chance.

CU: Why did it take 10 years for the series to be published?

JS: Craig Partin started the story with a different artist (other than Yvel Guichet) years ago. The art and the relationship went sour. Craig put it on hold until we all became a part of it. We took 18 months to perfect the book, the techniques, etc trying to produce the best product we could.

CU: Is there a huge difference in the story between now and all those years ago?

JS: No, it is virtually the same.

John Morris 3D sculpt by Yvel Guichet

CU: Who is John Morris?

JS: John Morris is a Lutheran Minister in a church in Chicago, IL and is married to Kathy Morris.

CU: Why Kickstarters?

JS: We ran out of money completing the first three issues. We overprinted issue #1 based on information that Diamond gave us and what we expected our sales to be at C2E2. This had a devastating effect on our budget for the first story arc (Issues 1-6). Kickstarter gave us the money to print the last three (3) issues of the story arc and get them into the fans' hands.

CU: Were you expecting the amount of pledges MoG recieved?

JS: I was expecting to hit our goal but i wasn't expecting to double it. It is bittersweet for me however because I wanted to hit the third stretch goal (to get a zero issue into everyone's hand that bought a set of 1-6) and fourth goal as well (a short 15 min live action DVD of three of my favorite scenes from the book).

CU: Any news on release dates for each upcoming books?

JS: Issue #4 was released at Derby City Comic Con in Louisville,KY on June 29th. Issue #5 will be released at DanCan in Chicago, IL on September 21st. Issue #6 (and hopefully #0) will be released at ComiCon-way in Conway,AR on November 9-10. A TPB may be produce Q1 of 2014. We are working with some local retailers, some mail-order retailers, and some indy friendly retailers to try to distribute it on a wider basis.
Issue 4 Variants everywhere!

CU: Did you ever have a scene/ issue where you look back and thought "WOW!"?

JS: Yes, but it hasn't been released yet so I can't talk about it. It is the entire issue #6 though. It left my jaw on the floor.

CU: It was mentioned in Kickstarters about an issue 0, will it still be in production even though the pledges didn't reach that goal?

JS: Yes, but it won't be free and it will be very limited and very hard to get.

CU: How can viewers find your comic book?

JS: If you can't make it to a show or your retailer doesn't have it, you can contact us through our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/manofgodcomic or you can contact me directly at fanboy375@gmail.com We are on Balloond right now for digital download at https://www.balloond.com/comic/man-of-god/1 We will also be on Comixology submit soon for digital download. Issue 1-3 will be first and probably 10 weeks later Issue #4 will come out. The Comixology Submit process has been extremely slow and painful for us. They have not hit any of the dates they promised us and continue to change the review date (It went from 4-6 weeks, to 8-10 weeks). We are actually in week 11 with no word yet.

Issue 2 Pg 4

You read it here Comic Unknowners, Issue Four is available now!
So which cover was your favorite?

Don't forget issue one is available for FREE!

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Go Fandom = Man Of God

Welcome back to another great installment of COMIC UNKNOWN!

Ready for a supernatural mystery set over the backdrop of a brewing mob war?
A comic with a dark, often violent, tale of redemption & the quest for the truth!


Issue 5 convention variant
by John Lucas and Roy Young

 The story starts when a church fire claims the life of John Morris, it seems like just another story for the 10 o'clock news. But when John is reborn and tortured by the sins of those he touches, it becomes so much more. Burned beyond recognition, John flees into the night leaving devastation in his wake as he begins his search for the truth. Man of God is a black and white indie comic book published by Pinwheel Press. The creation team consists of Craig Partin as writer, Yvel Giuchet as penciler, Stuart Berryhill as inker, Jonathan Swinney as letterer and Anthony Koch as script editor. Man of God has an incredibly talented team with an intense story to tell. With artwork so detailed, you would suspect MoG would be from a mainstream company.

The Death of John Morris Part 1: Initium

 Pinwheel once stated  "We strongly believe in what we are creating and that belief has proven to be extremely contagious." and boy were they right! The production of MoG started almost a decade ago. But with this great creation team, issues 1, 2, and 3 were released in 2012. Pinwheel Press had even created a kickstarter project to help print out the last three issues of Man of God due to the tough markets and it surpassed the goal by almost three foldWith issue #4 finished, issue #5 pencils are done with one-third of the inks completed, and issue #6 has 8 pages of pencils completed. The final three issues will be completed and released within this year. In this great story, John's abilities are easily comparable to the Ghost Rider. John Morris in Man of God rocks out in this series and doesn't hold anything back. 

Did you know issue one is available for FREE?
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