Saturday, August 27, 2016

Die a Con Man or Live as a Mark

Comic Unknown and The Biggest Score
SCRIPT: Joe Mulvey 
ART: Joe Mulvey 
INKS: John Ercek and Jules Rivera 
COLORS: Andrew Crossley 
LETTERS: AndWorld Design 
COVER: Joe Mulvey and Andrew Crossley 
EDITORS: Tyler James and Steven Forbes

Welcome to the world of Scam, the story that resembles the Ocean's franchise which we see a team of con artists in Las Vegas with a long history together. The first issue starts out with a team pulling a last-minute heist until one of their own double-crosses them and the whole team is basically burned. Fast forward two years later and the team reunites to settle the score with their old friend Marcus who is now a major player in Vegas with high security. There were some incidents that occur along the way which leads to one of the team members "Doc" to be captured. Doc had the ability to remember everything he had experienced and is more elaborate than eidetic memory. Scam adds the superhuman or supernatural abilities into play. In this issue, we see a few of these gifts such as  extraordinarily resilience, invisibility and lastly the ability to see through solid matter. The majority of the team met at the rendezvous point and wasted no time in initiating the revenge plan against Marcus. With Doc being held hostage, the plan gives the team all the more reason to move forward. After using their powers to corner their mark, they actually confront Marcus. Will the team find their missing friend Doc? 

While it would be nice to have at least one of these powers in the real world, the roster of abilities are superb and the readers can expect more in the coming issues. First notable quality of the book is the artwork; SCAM's creative team did a splendid job fleshing out the pages. It's visually stunning and detailed to a point where you understand the situation at hand. The story is well done with enough minor plots to keep the reader guessing on who the players are and what they're scheming up. Overall it is an exceptional comic that keeps anyone entertained. Published through Comixtribe in 2012, SCAM Issue One is available in an Ultimate Collection Hard Cover Edition on Amazon and Comixtribe. If you want to check out Issue One exclusively plus four other Comixtribe comics, follow these easy steps here. You can follow Joe Mulvey and his work on Twitter and DeviantArt and keep updated with any new books he is working on.


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