Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Devil in the Desert

The unlikely hero of Mars is here.
 "No one knows his name. No one knows how he got here. And after today... no one is about to ask..." Bigfoot is the gigantopithecus with a hell of an adventure in the red planet. He is the hero with a martian tale. He finds himself in a slave camp with Disc Soldiers maintaining them under the rule of the Warrior King, Lord Jeoffa. He quickly finds himself surrounded by political prisoners, criminals, soldiers and merchants including a lesser pink-skinned alien, Bagworm. With problems escalating in the slave camps, Bigfoot and Bagworm team up to fight off Disc Soldiers and escape the camp. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. 
Hell awaits for them with hordes of moth-vampires, the Daemon of the Desert tracking them down and much more! 
Looks painful.

The comic has an amazing universe with stunning images and colors, the silent but deadly Bigfoot is a force to be reckoned  with in this comic. In a stellar sci-fi setting, the reader will find themselves in an odd place inside, not fully understanding how he got there or why, but easily playing a movie inside their head with all of the action-packed scenes. From start to finish, my eyes were glued to the paper and my imagination went wild. Bigfoot: Sword of the Earthman Issue 1, Devil in the Desert was released in November 7, 2012 and is available for both physical and digital copy.  Want a preview of the first issue? Just follow the link below and check out the first few pages of Issue One

 With many obstacles in the way, what will Bigfoot do? Can he trust the newly acquainted  Bagworm? Come back and see the next  time we talk about B:SOTE!
The Daemon, hunter of Bigfoot.

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