Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Nevera Tales

Into the Abyss with Comic Unknown

We will spare you the fine details of Nevera Tales as mortals have a limited time for tales as we would not want someone to expire before we are done recounting this review. Nevera Tales is a story of Aston, a captured vampire who patiently waits and plays the long game to find his way to escape. His captors chained him enough to maneuver tools and put an iron mask on his face leaving nothing but a hole in front of his eye for him to navigate through. The iron mask is to prevent him from drinking blood but he can survive without it for a long time and he wasn't alone however, he was surrounded by other undead beings. Zombies, ghouls, and vampires, all constricted in a similar fashion. Now a slave deep underground how long will he have to wait until he finds his opportunity to escape?

This sublime, and rich narrative belongs to Daniel Bishop. Nevera Tales expresses its story in a nontraditional way for a comic book. Instead of having the dialogue within the panels, the narrative is done through a monologue that outlines the amazing art. It takes a small moment to grow accustomed to the layout, but it works very well both with and without the audiobook they have available. The ambiance of the audio file easily sells the story and having such a. The background noise immerses you in that dark atmosphere in which the vampire is in, I highly recommend it. The melancholy but spot on illustration was done by Marek Joracki. His dark, alluring art style gives Bishop's story life and I hope to expect more from the duo. It is a surprise how low their Kickstarter reached considering the talent that is behind such a beautifully crafted book. Follow them on their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram which contains loads of information about Nevera Tales. Nevera Tales is available for purchase at Tiger Crab Studios both physically and digitally for $5.00 or the digital copy for a $1.00 in English or German or on Amazon.

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